Concrete Repairs


When most people purchase a condominium along the picturesque and famed “Gulf Coast” they have no thought of the need for concrete repairs or maintaining these structural concrete behemoths. Therefore, they are shocked when they are asked to contribute to a special assessment for a project titled “concrete repairs”.  

These concrete structures are situated along the Gulf of Mexico which has an extremely high level of chloride-ion infused water. This chloride-ion rich water almost immediately commences an attack of the steel reinforced concrete structures at a rate unfamiliar to most structures. With nearly three decades of experience working exclusively in this environment, Phoenix has developed a keen understanding of these phenomena.

As a long standing member of ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute), ACI (American Concrete Institute) and a multitude of other professional trade organizations, Phoenix is uniquely qualified to address the problems of reinforcing steel corrosion and the resulting compromise of the concrete structure. We continuously update our resources in order to provide our clients with the latest technology in the field of concrete restoration and maintenance.

Phoenix has received several awards for our innovative approaches as well as a testimony to the endurance of our proven procedures.